Wyo. Stat. § 1-21-1014

Current through the 2024 legislative session
Section 1-21-1014 - Proceedings upon stay on appeal; bond required
(a) If the officer receives notice from the circuit court that the proceedings have been stayed on appeal, he shall immediately delay all further proceedings upon execution and writ of restitution. If the premises have been restored to the plaintiff he shall immediately place the defendant in possession thereof and return the writ and execution with his proceedings and costs taxed thereon.
(b) An appeal by a defendant shall not stay the proceedings on judgment unless within forty-eight (48) hours after judgment, Sundays excepted, the appellant executes and files with the court his bond to plaintiff, with two (2) or more sufficient sureties approved by the court, conditioned that the appellant will pay all costs which have accrued or may thereafter accrue and all damages which plaintiff may have sustained or may thereafter sustain in consequence of the wrongful detention of the premises during the pendency of the appeal. Upon taking the appeal and filing the bond, all further proceedings in the case shall be stayed and the appellate court shall thereafter issue all writs and processes to carry out the judgment of the appellate court. The court in which the appeal is pending may require a new bond in a larger amount, with sureties approved by the appellate court, if deemed necessary to secure the rights of the parties.

W.S. 1-21-1014