Wyo. Stat. § 1-21-1002

Current with changes from the 2024 Legislative Session, Acts 1-58, 60-118
Section 1-21-1002 - When proceedings allowed
(a) Proceedings for forcible entry and detainer may be had in any of the following cases:
(i) Against tenants holding over their terms or after a failure to pay rent for three (3) days after it is due;
(ii) In sales of real estate on execution, orders or other judicial process, including proceedings for the foreclosure of a mortgage by court action, when the judgment debtor was in possession at the time of rendition of the judgment or decree by virtue of which the sale was made;
(iii) When real estate has been sold under a power of sale contained in any mortgage or trust deed and the purchaser or his assignee has demanded possession;
(iv) Any sale by executors, administrators, guardians or on partition where any of the parties to the petition were in possession at the commencement of the suit, after the sale has been examined by the proper court and adjudged legal;
(v) In cases where the defendant is a settler or occupier of lands or tenements, without color of title, to which the complainant has the right of possession;
(vi) Against renters in violation of any terms imposed under W.S. 1-21-1204 or 1-21-1205.
(b) This section shall not be construed as limiting the provisions of W.S. 1-21-1201 through 1-21-1210.

W.S. 1-21-1002