Wis. Stat. § 851.72

Current through Acts 2019, ch. 69
Section 851.72 - Duties of registers in probate

The register in probate shall:

(1) File and keep all papers properly deposited with him or her unless required to transmit such papers.
(2) Keep a court record of every proceeding in the court under chs. 54 and 851 to 879 under its proper title, a brief statement of the nature of the proceeding and of all papers filed therein, with the date of filing and a reference to where minute records can be found or to the microfilm or optical disc or electronic file where papers have been stored so that the court record is a complete index or brief history of each proceeding from beginning to final disposition.
(3) Keep a minute record and enter therein a brief statement of all proceedings of the court under chs. 54 and 851 to 879 during its sessions, all motions made and by whom, all orders granted in open court or otherwise, and the names of all witnesses sworn or examined. If this information is all included in the court record, the judge may direct that the minute record be no longer kept.
(5) Keep an alphabetical index to the court record and the file containing the original documents or microfilm, optical disc, or electronic copies thereof.
(6) Perform any other administrative duties as the judge directs.
(7) Except in counties having a population of 500,000 or more, perform the duties of clerk of the court assigned to exercise jurisdiction under chs. 48 and 938 unless these duties are performed by a person appointed under s. 48.04.
(8) When appointed deputy clerk under s. 851.75, perform such duties as the clerk of circuit court directs.
(9) In counties having a population of 500,000 or more, the register in probate shall be the department head as to all personnel, procurement, budget and related matters with reference to his or her office as register in probate. The register in probate shall appoint under ss. 63.01 to 63.16 as many deputy clerks as may be authorized by the county board, provided that the appointments shall be approved by the judge which the deputy shall serve. The deputy clerks shall aid the register in probate and deputy registers in probate in the discharge of their duties.
(10) Submit a monthly report to the department of health services of the deadlines for filing claims against estates set under s. 859.01 during that month in the register's county. The report shall be filed in a form and manner that may be prescribed by the department of health services.
(11) Annually submit to the chief judge of the judicial administrative district the statement required under s. 55.18(5) regarding the completion of annual reviews of protective placement orders under s. 55.18(1).

Wis. Stat. § 851.72

Amended by Acts 2015 ch, 196,s 137, eff. 3/2/2016.

Amended by Acts 2015 ch, 196,s 136, eff. 3/2/2016.

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