Vt. Stat. tit. 23 § 1051

Current through L. 2023, c. 81.
Section 1051 - Pedestrians' right of way in crosswalks
(a) If traffic-control signals are not in operation, the driver of a vehicle shall yield the right of way, slowing down or stopping if necessary, to a pedestrian crossing the roadway within a crosswalk.
(b) No pedestrian may suddenly leave a curb or other place of safety and walk or run into the path of a vehicle that is so close that it is impossible for a driver to yield.
(c) If any vehicle is stopped at a marked crosswalk or at any unmarked crosswalk at an intersection to permit a pedestrian to cross the roadway, the driver of any other vehicle approaching from the rear may not overtake and pass the stopped vehicle.

23 V.S.A. § 1051

Added 1971, No. 258 (Adj. Sess.), § 3, eff. 3/1/1973; amended 1985, No. 138 (Adj. Sess.), § 6.