Vt. Stat. tit. 15 § 293

Current through L. 2024, c. 142.
Section 293 - When parents live separately
(a) When parents of minor children, or parents and stepparents of minor children, whether said parents are married or unmarried, are living separately, on the complaint of either parent or stepparent or, if it is a party in interest, the Department for Children and Families, the Family Division of the Superior Court may make such decree concerning parental rights and responsibilities and parent-child contact (as defined in section 664 of this title), and the support of the children, as in cases where either parent deserts or without just cause fails to support. Thereafter on the motion of either of the parents, the stepparent, or the Department for Children and Families, the court may annul, vary or modify the decrees.
(b) Any legal presumption of parentage as set forth in section 308 of this title shall be sufficient basis for initiating a support action under this section without any further proceedings to establish parentage. If a party raises an objection to the presumption, the court may determine the issue of parentage as part of the support action. If no written objection to the presumption is raised, an order under this section shall constitute a judgment on the issue of parentage.

15 V.S.A. § 293

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