15 U.S.C. § 717d

Current through P.L. 118-34 (published on www.congress.gov on 12/26/2023), except for [P. L. 118-31]
Section 717d - Fixing rates and charges; determination of cost of production or transportation
(a) Decreases in rates

Whenever the Commission, after a hearing had upon its own motion or upon complaint of any State, municipality, State commission, or gas distributing company, shall find that any rate, charge, or classification demanded, observed, charged, or collected by any natural-gas company in connection with any transportation or sale of natural gas, subject to the jurisdiction of the Commission, or that any rule, regulation, practice, or contract affecting such rate, charge, or classification is unjust, unreasonable, unduly discriminatory, or preferential, the Commission shall determine the just and reasonable rate, charge, classification, rule, regulation, practice, or contract to be thereafter observed and in force, and shall fix the same by order: Provided, however, That the Commission shall have no power to order any increase in any rate contained in the currently effective schedule of such natural gas company on file with the Commission, unless such increase is in accordance with a new schedule filed by such natural gas company; but the Commission may order a decrease where existing rates are unjust, unduly discriminatory, preferential, otherwise unlawful, or are not the lowest reasonable rates.

(b) Costs of production and transportation

The Commission upon its own motion, or upon the request of any State commission, whenever it can do so without prejudice to the efficient and proper conduct of its affairs, may investigate and determine the cost of the production or transportation of natural gas by a natural-gas company in cases where the Commission has no authority to establish a rate governing the transportation or sale of such natural gas.

15 U.S.C. § 717d

June 21, 1938, ch. 556, §5, 52 Stat. 823.
"Commission" and "Commissioner" means the Federal Power Commission, and a member thereof, respectively.
"Municipality" means a city, county, or other political subdivision or agency of a State.
Natural gas
"Natural gas" means either natural gas unmixed, or any mixture of natural and artificial gas.
Natural-gas company
"Natural-gas company" means a person engaged in the transportation of natural gas in interstate commerce, or the sale in interstate commerce of such gas for resale.
State commission
"State commission" means the regulatory body of the State or municipality having jurisdiction to regulate rates and charges for the sale of natural gas to consumers within the State or municipality.
"State" means a State admitted to the Union, the District of Columbia, and any organized Territory of the United States.