Tex. Health & Safety Code § 171.207

Current through the 87th Legislature (2021) Third Special Session
Section 171.207 - Limitations On Public Enforcement
(a) Notwithstanding Section 171.005 or any other law, the requirements of this subchapter shall be enforced exclusively through the private civil actions described in Section 171.208. No enforcement of this subchapter, and no enforcement of Chapters 19 and 22, Penal Code, in response to violations of this subchapter, may be taken or threatened by this state, a political subdivision, a district or county attorney, or an executive or administrative officer or employee of this state or a political subdivision against any person, except as provided in Section 171.208.
(b) Subsection (a) may not be construed to:
(1) legalize the conduct prohibited by this subchapter or by Chapter 6-1/2, Title 71, Revised Statutes;
(2) limit in any way or affect the availability of a remedy established by Section 171.208; or
(3) limit the enforceability of any other laws that regulate or prohibit abortion.

Tex. Health and Safety Code § 171.207

Added by Acts 2021, Texas Acts of the 87th Leg. - Regular Session, ch. TBD,Sec. 3, eff. 9/1/2021.