Tex. Gov't Code § 22.225

Current with legiislation passed in the 2019 Regular Session
Section 22.225 - Effect Of Judgment In Civil Cases
(a) A judgment of a court of appeals is conclusive on the facts of the case in all civil cases.
(b) Except as provided by Subsection (c) or (d), a judgment of a court of appeals is conclusive on the law and facts, and a petition for review is not allowed to the supreme court, in the following civil cases:
(1) a case appealed from a county court or from a district court when, under the constitution, a county court would have had original or appellate jurisdiction of the case, with the exception of a probate matter or a case involving state revenue laws or the validity or construction of a statute;
(2) a case of a contested election other than a contested election for a state officer, with the exception of a case where the validity of a statute is questioned by the decision;
(3) an appeal from an interlocutory order appointing a receiver or trustee or from other interlocutory appeals that are allowed by law;
(4) an appeal from an order or judgment in a suit in which a temporary injunction has been granted or refused or when a motion to dissolve has been granted or overruled; and
(5) all other cases except the cases where appellate jurisdiction is given to the supreme court and is not made final in the courts of appeals.
(c) [Repealed by 2017 amendment.]
(d) [Repealed by 2017 amendment.]
(e) [Repealed by 2017 amendment.]

Tex. Gov't. Code § 22.225

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