Tex. Bus. & Com. Code § 322.003

Current with legislation from the 2023 Regular and Special Sessions signed by the Governor as of November 21, 2023.
Section 322.003 - Scope
(a) Except as otherwise provided in Subsections (b) and (e), this chapter applies to electronic records and electronic signatures relating to a transaction.
(b) This chapter does not apply to a transaction to the extent it is governed by:
(1) a law governing the creation and execution of wills, codicils, or testamentary trusts; or
(2) the Uniform Commercial Code, other than Sections 1.107 and 1.206 and Chapters 2 and 2A.
(c) This chapter applies to an electronic record or electronic signature otherwise excluded from the application of this chapter under Subsection (b) when used for a transaction subject to a law other than those specified in Subsection (b).
(d) A transaction subject to this chapter is also subject to other applicable substantive law.
(e) This chapter does not apply to the transmission, preparation, completion, enforceability, or admissibility of a document in any form that is:
(1) produced by a court reporter appointed under Chapter 52, Government Code, or a court reporter certified under or a shorthand reporting firm registered under Chapter 154, Government Code, for use in the state or federal judicial system; or
(2) governed by rules adopted by the supreme court, including rules governing the electronic filing system established by the supreme court.

Tex. Bus. and Comm. Code § 322.003

Amended by Acts 2019, Texas Acts of the 86th Leg.- Regular Session, ch. 606,Sec. 7.01, eff. 9/1/2019.
Added by Acts 2007, 80th Leg., R.S., Ch. 885, Sec. 2.01, eff. 4/1/2009.