Tenn. Code § 68-11-1403

Current through 2021-2022, ch. 1146
Section 68-11-1403 - Applicability
(a) This part shall not apply to an individual licensed to practice medicine under § 63-6-204, and any person employed by such an individual; provided, that, except for facilities exempted from this part pursuant to § 68-11-1404(a), any facility licensed under part 2 of this chapter, that is engaged in the treatment of the elderly, shall be subject to this part.
(b) To the extent that a hospital or subsidiary of a hospital holds itself out as providing care, treatment or therapeutic activities for persons with Alzheimer's disease or Alzheimer's related dementia as part of a specialty unit, such hospital or subsidiary shall be subject to this part.

T.C.A. § 68-11-1403

Acts 1996, ch. 786, § 4.