Tenn. Code § 68-11-1102

Current through Acts 2021, ch. 595
Section 68-11-1102 - Indigent health care risk fund - Created - Allocations
(a) There is created within the state treasury an indigent health care risk fund to be administered by the commissioner of finance and administration, with the approval of the governor.
(b) The fund shall allocate the total revenue received by the state pursuant to § 68-11-216, less such amounts for administrative costs as may be set forth in the general appropriations act, pursuant to rules and regulations that the commissioner is authorized to promulgate.
(c) In allocating the funds in the indigent health care risk fund, consideration shall be given by the commissioner to:
(1) The relative amounts of bad debt, medically indigent and charity care provided by the hospitals;
(2) The amount of government subsidies to the hospitals; and
(3) Any other factor relating to indigent care as determined by the commissioner.

T.C.A. § 68-11-1102

Acts 1989, ch. 434, § 2; 1992, ch. 913, § 17.