Tenn. Code § 67-9-201

Current through 2021-2022, ch. 1146
Section 67-9-201 - Leased commercial real property
(a) Notwithstanding any other provision of the law to the contrary, a hospital authority, created by a county or municipality pursuant to private act or local resolution, that owns real property leased for commercial purposes, separate and distinct from the real property owned by such hospital authority upon which hospitals or health care facilities are located, shall agree to the payment of tax equivalents to any municipality and county within which such leased commercial property is located.
(b) The amount of such payments shall be fixed at the amount of ad valorem taxes otherwise due and payable by a tax paying entity upon the assessed value of the leased commercial property.
(c) If such property is located within the boundaries of a municipality, pro rata shares of the total amount collected from such hospital authority shall be distributed to the county and municipality based on the tax rates of each.

T.C.A. § 67-9-201

Acts 1981, ch. 141, § 1; T.C.A., § 67-24-201.