Tenn. Code § 66-5-110

Current through Acts 2023-2024, ch. 1069
Section 66-5-110 - Identification of specific mineral interests to be conveyed

Notwithstanding any law to the contrary, where an owner of surface and mineral rights to real property enters into a contract for the conveyance of mineral rights in such property resulting in a severance of such interests, the parties to such conveyance shall identify the specific mineral interests to be conveyed to the purchaser of the mineral rights. The purchaser of the mineral interests shall identify such interests purchased by providing a deed reference number in accordance with § 67-5-804(c) for the mineral interest with the property assessor in the county in which the interests are located as prescribed in this section. For the purposes of this section, "specific mineral interests" means only those minerals listed in the deed as contemplated by the parties. All rights to minerals not described in the deed shall remain with the surface owner. This section shall apply to all contracts entered into on or after July 1, 2011, and shall not impair the obligation of any existing contract or be construed to direct courts in determining the intent of the parties who entered into a contract prior to such date.

T.C.A. § 66-5-110