Tenn. Code § 37-2-506

Current through Acts 2021-2022, ch. 1015
Section 37-2-506 - Shelter for runaways
(a) Any runaway seeking sanctuary may be given shelter for seventy-two (72) hours; provided, that:
(1) The runaway is not known to have committed, nor is under investigation for the commission of, a delinquent or criminal act;
(2) A good faith attempt is made to notify the juvenile court with jurisdiction in the county in which the runaway house is located, or the runaway's parent or guardian, of the runaway's location within one (1) hour of the runaway's arrival; and
(3) No runaway admitted to a runaway house shall be removed during the seventy-two (72) hours of sanctuary other than by order of the juvenile court in the jurisdiction.
(b) Any juvenile judge in this or another state may release a runaway from a runaway house in another jurisdiction by contacting the juvenile judge having jurisdiction over the receiving runaway house.

T.C.A. § 37-2-506

Acts 1976, ch. 683, § 6; T.C.A., § 37-1606.