Tenn. Code § 37-2-402

Current through Acts 2021, ch. 595, and 2021EX3, ch. 7
Section 37-2-402 - Part definitions

As used in this part, unless the context otherwise requires:

(A) "Abandonment" for purposes of terminating the parental or guardian rights of a parent or a guardian of a child to that child in order to make that child available for adoption, has the same meaning as defined in § 36-1-102;
(B) For purposes of this subdivision (1), "token support" means that the support, under the circumstances of the individual case, is insignificant given the parent's means;
(C) For purposes of this subdivision (1), "token visitation" means that the visitation, under the circumstances of the individual case, constitutes nothing more than perfunctory visitation or visitation of such an infrequent nature or of such short duration as to merely establish minimal or insubstantial contact with the child;
(D) For purposes of this subdivision (1), "willfully failed to support" or "willfully failed to make reasonable payments toward such child's support" means that, for a period of four (4) consecutive months, no monetary support was paid or that the amount of support paid is token support;
(E) For purposes of this subdivision (1), "willfully failed to visit" means the willful failure, for a period of four (4) consecutive months, to visit or engage in more than token visitation;
(F) Abandonment may not be repented of by resuming visitation or support subsequent to the filing of any petition seeking to terminate parental or guardianship rights or seeking the adoption of a child; and
(G) "Abandonment" and "abandonment of infant" do not have any other definition except that which is set forth herein, it being the intent of the general assembly to establish the only grounds for abandonment by statutory definition. Specifically, it shall not be required that a parent be shown to have evinced a settled purpose to forego all parental rights and responsibilities in order for a determination of abandonment to be made. Decisions of any court to the contrary are hereby legislatively overruled;
(2) "Abandonment of an infant" means, for purposes of terminating parental or guardian rights, "abandonment" of a child under one (1) year of age;
(3) "Agency" means a child care agency, as defined in title 71, chapter 3, part 5, or in chapter 5, part 5 of this title, regardless of whether such agency is licensed or approved, and includes the department of children's services;
(4) "Board" means an advisory review board appointed by a juvenile court judge, juvenile court judges, or the department of children's services as provided in this part;
(5) "Court" means the juvenile court having jurisdiction over the person of the child, or, if no juvenile court has jurisdiction over the child, then the juvenile court in the county in which the child resides;
(6) "Date of foster care placement" means the original date on which the child is physically placed in foster care;
(7) "Judge" means a juvenile judge or the judge having jurisdiction over the person of the child;
(8) "Parent" means the natural parent or legal guardian, except in cases when guardianship is held by an agency pursuant to a determination of abandonment or surrender of parental rights;
(9) "Plan" or "permanency plan" means a written plan for a child placed in foster care with the department of children's services or in the care of an agency as defined in subdivision (3) and as provided in § 37-2-403; and
(10) "Report" means a written report by an advisory review board as provided in § 37-2-406 or by the department of children's services or by an agency having custody of a child as provided in § 37-2-404.

T.C.A. § 37-2-402

Amended by 2020 Tenn. Acts, ch. 525,s 12, eff. 3/6/2020.
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