Tenn. Code § 34-6-201

Current through Acts 2023-2024, ch. 1003
Section 34-6-201 - Part definitions

As used in this part, unless the context otherwise requires:

(1) "Durable power of attorney for health care" means a durable power of attorney to the extent that it authorizes an attorney in fact to make health care decisions for the principal;
(2) "Health care" means any care, treatment, service or procedure to maintain, diagnose or treat an individual's physical or mental condition, and includes medical care as defined in § 32-11-103;
(3) "Health care decision" means consent, refusal of consent or withdrawal of consent to health care;
(4) "Health care institution" means a health care institution as defined in § 68-11-1602;
(5) "Health care provider" means a person who is licensed, certified or otherwise authorized or permitted by the laws of this state to administer health care in the ordinary course of business or practice of a profession; and
(6) "Person" includes an individual, corporation, partnership, association, the state, a city, county, city and county, or other public entity or governmental subdivision or agency, or any other legal entity.

T.C.A. § 34-6-201

Acts 1990, ch. 831, § 2.