S.D. Codified Laws § 12-18-3.1

Current with changes from the 2021 Legislative Session through 3/31/2021
Section 12-18-3.1 - Simulated elections-Access to polling place-Impartiality required-Notice to county auditor

Minors voting in a simulated election and persons supervising or working in a simulated election in which minors vote shall be allowed in a polling place. All activities associated with a simulated election are subject to the provisions of § 12-18-3, and all such activities shall be conducted in an objective, impartial, and nonpartisan manner that does not promote one candidate, party, or position over another. Any such activity shall afford any legally qualified candidate for any public office the opportunity to participate in the activity equal to the opportunity afforded to any other candidate for that office. A ballot used in a simulated election held pursuant to this section shall be labeled in such a manner as to easily distinguish such ballot. No results from a simulated election for minors may be released prior to the close of the polls. The superintendent of the election board shall exercise authority over all election and simulated election related activities at the polling place. Anyone conducting a simulated election for minors at a polling place shall notify the county auditor in that county at least thirty days prior to the election. If approved by the county commissioners, a county may participate in a simulated election pursuant to this section.

SDCL 12-18-3.1

SL 1992, ch 114; SL 1999, ch 75, §1.