Wash. Rev. Code § 84.08.020

Current through Chapter 376 of the 2024 Regular Session
Section 84.08.020 - Additional powers-To advise county and local officers-Books and blanks-Reports

The department of revenue shall:

(1) Confer with, advise and direct assessors, boards of equalization, county boards of commissioners, county treasurers, county auditors and all other county and township officers as to their duties under the law and statutes of the state, relating to taxation, and direct what proceedings, actions or prosecutions shall be instituted to support the law relating to the penalties, liabilities and punishment of public officers, persons, and officers or agents of corporations for failure or neglect to comply with the provisions of the statutes governing the return, assessment and taxation of property, and the collection of taxes, and cause complaint to be made against any of such public officers in the proper county for their removal from office for official misconduct or neglect of duty. In the execution of these powers and duties the said department or any member thereof may call upon prosecuting attorneys or the attorney general, who shall assist in the commencement and prosecution for penalties and forfeiture, liabilities and punishments for violations of the laws of the state in respect to the assessment and taxation of property.
(2) Prescribe all forms of books and blanks to be used in the assessment and collection of taxes, and change such forms when prescribed by law, and recommend to the legislature such changes as may be deemed most economical to the state and counties, and such recommendation shall be accompanied by carefully prepared bill or bills for this end.
(3) Require county, city and town officers to report information as to assessments of property, equalization of taxes, the expenditure of public funds for all purposes, and other information which said department of revenue may request.

RCW 84.08.020

1975 1st ex.s. c 278 § 148; 1961 c 15 § 84.08.020. Prior: 1939 c 206 § 5, part; 1935 c 127 § 1, part; 1921 c 7 §§ 50, 53; 1907 c 220 § 1, part; 1905 c 115 § 2, part; RRS § 11091 (second), part.

Construction-Severability-1975 1st ex.s. c 278: See notes following RCW 11.08.160.