Wash. Rev. Code § 7.44.021

Current through the 2021 Regular Session
Section 7.44.021 - Arrest and bail-Bond

Upon such affidavit and complaint being filed, the clerk shall issue an order of arrest and bail, directed to the sheriff, which shall be issued, served, and returned in all respects as such orders in other cases; before such order shall issue the plaintiff shall file in the office of the clerk a bond, with sufficient surety, to be approved by the clerk, conditioned that the plaintiff will pay the defendant such damages and costs as he or she shall wrongfully sustain by reason of the action, which surety shall justify as provided by law.

RCW 7.44.021

Amended by 2011 c 336,§ 207, eff. 7/22/2011.
1957 c 51 § 10; 1891 c 42 § 2. Formerly RCW 7.44.020, part.

Corporate surety-Insurance: Chapter 48.28 RCW.