Wash. Rev. Code § 7.16.040

Current through the 2021 Regular Session
Section 7.16.040 - Grounds for granting writ

A writ of review shall be granted by any court, except a municipal or district court, when an inferior tribunal, board or officer, exercising judicial functions, has exceeded the jurisdiction of such tribunal, board or officer, or one acting illegally, or to correct any erroneous or void proceeding, or a proceeding not according to the course of the common law, and there is no appeal, nor in the judgment of the court, any plain, speedy and adequate remedy at law.

RCW 7.16.040

1987 c 202 § 130; 1895 c 65 § 4; RRS § 1002.

Intent-1987 c 202: See note following RCW 2.04.190.