Wash. Rev. Code § 62A.9A-804

Current through Chapter 297 of the 2022 Regular Session
Section 62A.9A-804 - Security interest unperfected before effective date

A security interest that is an unperfected security interest immediately before July 1, 2013, becomes a perfected security interest:

(a) Without further action, on July 1, 2013, if the applicable requirements for perfection under chapter 62A.9A RCW are satisfied before or at that time; or
(b) When the applicable requirements for perfection are satisfied if the requirements are satisfied after that time.

RCW 62A.9A-804

2011 c 74 § 603.

Application-Effective date- 2011 c 74 : See notes following RCW 62A.9A-102.