Wash. Rev. Code § 3.66.067

Current through the 2019 Legislative Session
Section 3.66.067 - Assessment of punishment-Suspension or deferral of sentence-Dismissal of charges

After a conviction, the court may impose sentence by suspending all or a portion of the defendant's sentence or by deferring the sentence of the defendant and may place the defendant on probation for a period of no longer than two years and prescribe the conditions thereof. A defendant who has been sentenced, or whose sentence has been deferred, and who then fails to appear for any hearing to address the defendant's compliance with the terms of probation when ordered to do so by the court, shall have the term of probation tolled until such time as the defendant makes his or her presence known to the court on the record. During the time of the deferral, the court may, for good cause shown, permit a defendant to withdraw the plea of guilty and to enter a plea of not guilty, and the court may dismiss the charges. A court shall not defer sentence for an offense sentenced under RCW 46.61.5055.

RCW 3.66.067

Amended by 2013SP2 c 35,§ 3, eff. 9/28/2013.

2001 c 94 § 1; 1984 c 258 § 46; 1983 c 156 § 1; 1969 c 75 § 1.

Rules of court: ER 410. Court Improvement Act of 1984-Effective dates-Severability-Short title-1984 c 258: See notes following RCW 3.30.010.