Wash. Rev. Code § 19.86.093

Current through Chapter 297 of the 2022 Regular Session
Section 19.86.093 - Civil action-Unfair or deceptive act or practice-Claim elements

In a private action in which an unfair or deceptive act or practice is alleged under RCW 19.86.020, a claimant may establish that the act or practice is injurious to the public interest because it:

(1) Violates a statute that incorporates this chapter;
(2) Violates a statute that contains a specific legislative declaration of public interest impact; or
(a) Injured other persons;
(b) had the capacity to injure other persons; or
(c) has the capacity to injure other persons.

RCW 19.86.093

2009 c 371 § 2.

Application- 2009 c 371 : See note following RCW 19.86.090.