52 Pa. Stat. § 1406.16

Current through 2024 legislation effective July 1, 2024
Section 1406.16 - Right to hearing and appeal

Title 2 of the Pa.C.S. (relating to administrative law and procedure) shall apply to all administrative rules, regulations and orders issued pursuant to this act except, as otherwise provided for proceedings to determine compensation payable in section 15 hereof. Any owner, operator, lessor, lessee, general manager, superintendent, or other person in charge of or having supervision over any bituminous coal mine or mining operation subject to the provisions of this act, any landowner, or any political subdivision or county which shall be aggrieved or affected by any administrative rule, regulation or order of the department issued pursuant to the provisions of this act, shall have the right to appear at any hearing before the Environmental Hearing Board at which the secretary shall reconsider said action. After such hearing the Environmental Hearing Board shall issue an adjudication from which the aggrieved or affected party may appeal in the manner provided by Title 2 of the Pa.C.S. (relating to administrative law and procedure).

52 P.S. § 1406.16

1966, Sp.Sess. No. 1, April 27, P.L. 31, § 16. Amended 1980, Oct. 10, P.L. 874, No. 156, § 1, imd. effective.