52 Pa. Stat. § 1406.14

Current through P.A. Acts 2023-32
Section 1406.14 - Conveyance of surface land

After the effective date of this act the grantor in every deed for the conveyance of surface land in a county in which bituminous coal has been found and is separately assessed for taxation shall certify in the deed whether any structure then or thereafter erected on the land so conveyed is entitled to support from the underlying coal. If the grantor shall not certify that there is such a right of support, the grantee shall sign a statement printed in the deed in a contrasting color with no less than twelve point type that he knows that he may not be obtaining the right of protection against subsidence resulting from coal mining operations and that the purchased property may be protected from damage due to mine subsidence by a private contract with the owners of the economic interests in the coal. Such statement shall be preceded by the word "Notice" printed in the same color as the statement with no less than twenty-four point type.

52 P.S. § 1406.14

1966, Sp.Sess. No. 1, April 27, P.L. 31, § 14. Amended 1980, Oct. 10, P.L. 874, No. 156, § 1, imd. effective.