47 Pa. Stat. § 2-208

Current through P.A. Acts 2024-18
Section 2-208 - Specific subjects on which board may adopt regulations

Subject to the provisions of this act and without limiting the general power conferred by the preceding section, the board may make regulations regarding:

(a) The equipment and management of Pennsylvania Liquor Stores and warehouses in which liquor and alcohol are kept or sold, and the books and records to be kept therein.
(b) The duties and conduct of the officers and employes of the board.
(c) The purchase, as provided in this act, of liquor and alcohol, and its supply to Pennsylvania Liquor Stores.
(d) The classes, varieties and brands of liquor and alcohol to be kept and sold in Pennsylvania Liquor Stores. In making this determination the board shall meet not less than twice a year.
(e) The issuing and distribution of price lists for the various classes, varieties or brands of liquor and alcohol kept for sale by the board under this act.
(f) The labeling of liquor and alcohol sold under this act and of liquor and alcohol lawfully acquired by any person prior to January first, one thousand nine hundred thirty-four.
(g) Forms to be used for the purposes of this act.
(h) The issuance of licenses and permits and the conduct, management, sanitation and equipment of places licensed or included in permits.
(i) The place and manner of depositing the receipts of Pennsylvania Liquor Stores and the transmission of balances to the Treasury Department through the Department of Revenue.
(j) The solicitation by resident or nonresident vendors of liquor from Pennsylvania licensees and other persons of orders for liquor to be sold through the Pennsylvania Liquor Stores and, in the case of nonresident vendors, the collection therefrom of license fees for such privilege at the same rate as provided herein for importers' licenses.

47 P.S. § 2-208

1951, April 12, P.L. 90, art. II, § 208. Amended 1956, Feb. 17, P.L. (1955) 1078, § 1; 1970, July 22, P.L. 539, No. 182, § 1; 1972, Oct. 11, P.L. 906, No. 215, § 2, imd. effective. Reenacted 1987, June 29, P.L. 32, No. 14, § 11, effective 7/1/1987.