25 Pa. Stat. § 3156

Current through P.A. Acts 2022-122
Section 3156 - Petition to establish identity by candidate nominated under different names; cumulation prohibited

Any person who has been nominated at a primary election by more than one party for the same office under different names may, at any time not later than five (5) days after the certification by the county board of the votes cast at a primary election, present a petition to the court of common pleas of the proper county, praying for an order declaring such petitioner by his true name to be the person who was thus nominated by more than one party under different names. If the court shall determine that the different names so appearing on the returns of the primary represent one and the same person, the court shall enter an order finding said fact and directing the county board to revise its return accordingly. No such order shall be entered by any court, unless notice of the filing of said petition shall first have been given to the county board, and to all the other candidates who appear to have been nominated for the same office, in such manner as the court may, by its order, direct, which notice shall specify the time and place of the hearing on said petition. Upon the filing of any such petition, said court shall proceed to hear said matter due without delay, having due regard to the proximity of the ensuing election. Immediately upon the entry of any order as aforesaid, a certified copy thereof shall be served on the county board, which shall correct and revise its returns accordingly. No candidate for public office at any November election whose name, for any reason, is printed more than once for the same office on any ballot at any general, municipal or special election, shall be entitled to have cumulated, either by the election officers, by the county board, or by any court, the votes cast after such different names.

25 P.S.§ 3156

1937, June 3, P.L. 1333, art. XIV, § 1406. Affected 1978, April 28, P.L. 202, No. 53, § 2(a) [1193], effective 6/27/1978.