25 Pa. Stat. § 2870

Current through P.A. Acts 2022-37
Section 2870 - Affidavits of candidates

Each candidate for any State, county, city, borough, incorporated town, township, ward, school district, poor district, election district, party office, party delegate or alternate, or for the office of United States Senator or Representative in Congress, shall file with his nomination petition his affidavit stating--

(a) his residence, with street and number, if any, and his post-office address;
(b) his election district, giving city, borough, town or township;
(c) the name of the office for which he consents to be a candidate;
(d) that he is eligible for such office;
(e) that he will not knowingly violate any provision of this act, or of any law regulating and limiting nomination and election expenses and prohibiting corrupt practices in connection therewith;
(f) unless he is a candidate for judge of a court of common pleas, the Philadelphia Municipal Court or for the office of school director in a district where that office is elective or for the office of justice of the peace that he is not a candidate for nomination for the same office of any party other than the one designated in such petition;
(g) if he is a candidate for a delegate, or alternate delegate, member of State committee, National committee or party officer, that he is a registered and enrolled member of the designated party;
(h) if he is a candidate for delegate or alternate delegate the presidential candidate to whom he is committed or the term "uncommitted";
(i) that he is aware of the provisions of section 1626 of this act requiring pre-election and post-election reporting of campaign contributions and expenditures; and
(j) that he is not a candidate for an office which he already holds, the term of which is not set to expire in the same year as the office subject to the affidavit. In cases of petitions for delegate and alternate delegate to National conventions, the candidate's affidavit shall state that his signature to the delegate's statement, as hereinafter set forth, if such statement is signed by said candidate, was affixed to the sheet or sheets of said petition prior to the circulation of same. In the case of a candidate for nomination as President of the United States, it shall not be necessary for such candidate to file the affidavit required in this section to be filed by candidates, but the post-office address of such candidate shall be stated in such nomination petition.

25 P.S. § 2870

Amended by P.L. TBD 2019 No. 77, § 3, eff. 10/31/2019.
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