21 Pa. Stat. § 10

Current through P.A. Acts 2023-32
Section 10 - Deeds effective without seal

All deeds or instruments in writing for conveying or releasing lands made by any natural person, either in his individual capacity or as a fiduciary, duly signed by the grantors in the manner now provided by law, but with no seal affixed thereto, shall be deemed to be executed with the same force and effect in all respects as though a seal was affixed to the signature, and all such instruments in writing, signed by the grantors, but with no seal affixed thereto, shall be deeds for all purposes within the purview of all acts or parts of acts of Assembly relating to or concerning deeds for the conveyance or releasing of lands.

21 P.S. § 10

1909, April 1, P.L. 91, § 9, added 1925, April 30, P.L. 404, § 9.