42 Pa. C.S. § 7101

Current through P.A. Acts 2023-7
Section 7101 - Settlements and other agreements with hospitalized persons
(a) General rule
(1) No person whose interest is or may become adverse to a person injured who is confined to a hospital or sanitarium as a patient shall, within 15 days after the date of the occurrence causing the injury to such patient:
(i) Negotiate or attempt to negotiate a settlement with such patient.
(ii) Obtain or attempt to obtain a general release of liability from such patient.
(iii) Obtain or attempt to obtain any statement, either written or oral, from such patient for use in negotiating a settlement or obtaining a release.
(2) Any settlement agreement entered into, any general release of liability or any written or oral statement made by any person who is confined in a hospital or sanitarium after he incurs a personal injury, which is not obtained in accordance with the provisions of subsection (b) shall not be admissible in evidence in any matter relating to the injury and shall not be utilized for any purpose in any matter in connection therewith.
(3) Where a person is injured and confined as a patient to a hospital or sanitarium due to such injuries, no attorney shall, during the first 15 days of the confinement of such patient, enter or attempt to enter into an agreement relating to compensation wholly or partly on a contingent basis with such patient in connection with his injuries.
(b) ExceptionSubsection (a) shall not apply if at least five days prior to obtaining the settlement, release, statement or contingent fee agreement, the injured person has signified in writing, by a statement acknowledged before a notary public who has no interest adverse to the injured person, his willingness that a settlement, release, statement or contingent fee agreement be given or entered into.

42 Pa.C.S. § 7101

1976, July 9, P.L. 586, No. 142, § 2, effective 6/27/1978.