42 Pa. C.S. § 4549

Current through P.A. Acts 2023-66
Section 4549 - Investigating grand jury proceedings
(a) Documents and transcriptAny document produced before an investigating grand jury may be copied or reproduced. Each statement, question, comment or response of the supervising judge, the attorney for the Commonwealth, any witness, any grand juror or any other person which is made in the presence of the investigating grand jury, except its deliberations and the vote of any juror, shall be stenographically recorded or transcribed or both.
(b) Disclosure of proceedings by participants other than witnessesDisclosure of matters occurring before the grand jury other than its deliberations and the vote of any juror may be made to the attorneys for the Commonwealth for use in the performance of their duties. The attorneys for the Commonwealth may with the approval of the supervising judge disclose matters occurring before the investigating grand jury including transcripts of testimony to local, State, other state or Federal law enforcement or investigating agencies to assist them in investigating crimes under their investigative jurisdiction. Otherwise a juror, attorney, interpreter, stenographer, operator of a recording device, or any typist who transcribes recorded testimony may disclose matters occurring before the grand jury only when so directed by the court. All such persons shall be sworn to secrecy, and shall be in contempt of court if they reveal any information which they are sworn to keep secret.
(c) Counsel for witnesses
(1) A witness subpoenaed to appear and testify before an investigating grand jury or to produce documents, records or other evidence before an investigating grand jury shall be entitled to the assistance of counsel, including assistance during such time as the witness is questioned in the presence of the investigating grand jury. In the event counsel of the witness' choice is not available, he shall be required to obtain other counsel within a reasonable time in order that the work of the grand jury may proceed.
(2) Such counsel may be retained by the witness or shall be appointed in the case of any person unable to procure sufficient funds to obtain legal representation.
(3) Such counsel shall be allowed to be present in the grand jury room during the questioning of the witness and shall be allowed to advise the witness but shall make no objections or arguments or otherwise address the grand jury or the attorney for the Commonwealth. The supervising judge shall have the same power to remove such counsel from the grand jury room as a judge has with respect to an attorney in any court proceeding. Violation of this paragraph shall be punishable as contempt by the supervising judge.
(4) An attorney, or attorneys who are associated in practice, shall not continue multiple representation of clients in a grand jury proceeding if the exercise of the independent professional judgment of an attorney on behalf of one of the clients will or is likely to be adversely affected by his representation of another client. If the supervising judge determines that the interest of an individual will or is likely to be adversely affected, he may order separate representation of witnesses, giving appropriate weight to the right of an individual to counsel of his own choosing.
(d) Disclosure of proceedings by witnessesNo witness shall be prohibited from disclosing his testimony before the investigating grand jury except for cause shown in a hearing before the supervising judge. In no event may a witness be prevented from disclosing his testimony to his attorney.

42 Pa.C.S. § 4549

1980, Oct. 5, P.L. 693, No. 142, § 216(a)(2), effective in 60 days.