Or. Rev. Stat. § 756.200

Current through 2020 Regular Session, Chapter 3
Section 756.200 - Effect of utility laws on common law and other statutory rights of action, duties and liabilities
(1) The remedies and enforcement procedures provided in ORS chapters 756, 757, 758 and 759 do not release or waive any right of action by the state or by any person for any right, penalty or forfeiture which may arise under any law of this state or under an ordinance of any municipality thereof.
(2) All penalties and forfeiture accruing under said statutes and ordinances are cumulative and a suit for and recovery of one, shall not be a bar to the recovery of any other penalty.
(3) The duties and liabilities of the public utilities or telecommunications utilities shall be the same as are prescribed by the common law, and the remedies against them the same, except where otherwise provided by the Constitution or statutes of this state, and the provisions of ORS chapters 756, 757, 758 and 759 are cumulative thereto.

ORS 756.200

Formerly 760.045; 1973 c.776 §27; 1987 c.447 §87; 1995 c.733 §64