ORS § 419B.506

Current through 2024 Regular Session legislation effective June 6, 2024
Section 419B.506 - Termination upon finding of neglect

The rights of the parent or parents may be terminated as provided in ORS 419B.500 if the court finds that the parent or parents have failed or neglected without reasonable and lawful cause to provide for the basic physical and psychological needs of the child or ward for six months prior to the filing of a petition. In determining such failure or neglect, the court shall disregard any incidental or minimal expressions of concern or support and shall consider but is not limited to one or more of the following:

(1) Failure to provide care.
(2) Failure to maintain regular visitation or other contact with the child or ward that was designed and implemented in a plan to reunite the child or ward with the parent.
(3) Failure to contact or communicate with the child or ward or with the custodian of the child or ward. In making this determination, the court may disregard incidental visitations, communications or contributions.

ORS 419B.506

Amended by 2023 Ch. 291, § 6, eff. 7/13/2023.
1993 c.33 §141; 1997 c.873 §8; 2003 c. 396, § 86