Or. Rev. Stat. § 307.100

Current through 2021 legislation effective September 27, 2021
Section 307.100 - Public property held by taxable owner under contract of purchase

Whenever real and personal property of the state or any institution or department thereof, or any county, municipal corporation or political subdivision of the state is the subject of a contract of sale or other agreement whereby on certain payments being made the legal title is or may be acquired by any person and such person uses and possesses such property or has the right of present use and possession, then such property shall be considered, for all purposes of taxation, as the property of such person. No deed or bill of sale to such property shall be executed until all taxes and municipal charges are fully paid thereon. This section shall not apply to standing timber, prior to severance thereof, of the state or any political entity referred to above which is the subject of a contract of sale or other agreement.

ORS 307.100

Amended by 1965 c.159 §2