ORS § 205.190

Current through 2024 Regular Session legislation effective June 6, 2024
Section 205.190 - Record of plats and maps of towns, villages, cemeteries

Each county clerk shall maintain a record of all maps of towns, villages, or additions to the same, or cemeteries, within the county, together with any description, acknowledgment or other writing therein. The county clerk shall create and store the maps in accordance with archival standards for the preservation of the record. The clerk shall keep an index that may be part of the deed index and shall contain the name of the town, village, addition or cemetery plat. The clerk shall not be bound to perform any duty required by ORS 205.130, 205.160, 205.180 and this section for which a fee is allowed, unless such fee has been paid or tendered, but when any such map has, prior to May 29, 1919, been incorrectly recorded in the plat records or deed records of the county, and such plat so incorrectly recorded is again presented by anyone to the clerk for record, the clerk shall correctly record such map in the record of plats without charge therefor, and shall make notation in the index of the fact of such re-recording, giving the book and page or instrument number where the re-recording appears. The record of the original map so re-recorded, as well as the record of all maps recorded under this section, as well as all original maps or plats recorded prior to May 29, 1919, shall be safely kept in the office of the clerk. The clerk shall not refuse to comply with this section by reason of the fact that some portion of the lands so platted were brought under any statute of this state relating to the registration of land titles.

ORS 205.190

Amended by 1999 c.710 §10