ORS § 127.540

Current through legislation effective July 31, 2023
Section 127.540 - Limitations on authority of health care representative

ORS 127.505 to 127.660 do not authorize an appointed health care representative to make a health care decision with respect to any of the following on behalf of the principal:

(1) Convulsive treatment.
(2) Psychosurgery.
(3) Sterilization.
(4) Abortion.
(5) Withholding or withdrawing of a life-sustaining procedure unless:
(a) The appointed health care representative has been given authority to make decisions on withholding or withdrawing life-sustaining procedures; or
(b) The principal has been medically confirmed to be in one of the following conditions:
(A) A terminal condition.
(B) Permanently unconscious.
(C) A condition in which administration of life-sustaining procedures would not benefit the principal's medical condition and would cause permanent and severe pain.
(D) A progressive, debilitating illness that will be fatal and is in its advanced stages, and the principal is consistently and permanently unable to communicate, swallow food and water safely, care for the principal, and recognize the principal's family and other people, and there is no reasonable chance that the principal's underlying condition will improve.
(6) Withholding or withdrawing artificially administered nutrition and hydration, other than hyperalimentation, necessary to sustain life except as provided in ORS 127.580.

ORS 127.540

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