ORS § 93.680

Current through legislation effective July 31, 2023
Section 93.680 - Patents, judgments and official grants; recordability; evidence
(1) The following are entitled to be recorded in the record of deeds of the county in which the lands lie, in like manner and with like effect as conveyances of land duly acknowledged, proved or certified:
(a) The patents from the United States or of this state for lands within this state.
(b) Judgments of courts in this state requiring the execution of a conveyance of real estate within this state.
(c) Approved lists of lands granted to this state, or to corporations in this state.
(d) Conveyances executed by any officer of this state by authority of law, of lands within this state.
(2) The record of any such patent, judgment, approved lists or deeds recorded, or a transcript thereof certified by the county clerk in whose office it is recorded, may be read in evidence in any court in this state, with like effect as the original.

ORS 93.680

Amended by 1979 c.284 §93