ORS § 93.860

Current through legislation effective September 24, 2023
Section 93.860 - Bargain and sale deed form; effect
(1) Bargain and sale deeds may be in the following form:


_____, Grantor, conveys to _____, Grantee, the following described real property: (Describe the property conveyed.)

(Following description of property, here insert statement required under ORS 93.040(1).)

The true consideration for this conveyance is $_____. (Here comply with the requirements of ORS 93.030.)

Dated this _____ day of _____, 2___.


(2) A deed in the form of subsection (1) of this section shall have the following effect:
(a) It shall convey the entire interest in the described property at the date of the deed which the deed purports to convey.
(b) The grantor, the heirs, successors and assigns of the grantor, shall be forever estopped from asserting that the grantor had, at the date of the deed, an estate or interest in the land less than that estate or interest which the deed purported to convey and the deed shall pass any and all after acquired title.
(3) A bargain and sale deed shall not operate to provide any covenants of title in the grantee and the successors of the grantee.

ORS 93.860

1973 c.194 §3; 1999 c.214 §3