ORS § 90.318

Current through 2024 Regular Session Act Chapter 22
Section 90.318 - Criteria for landlord provision of certain recycling services
(1) In a city or the county within the urban growth boundary of a city that has implemented multifamily recycling service, a landlord who has five or more residential dwelling units on a single premises or five or more manufactured dwellings in a single facility shall at all times during tenancy provide to all tenants:
(a) A separate location for containers or depots for materials designated for recycling collection on the uniform statewide collection list established under ORS 459A.914, adequate to hold the reasonably anticipated volume of each material;
(b) Regular collection service of the source separated recyclable materials; and
(c) Notice at least once a year of the opportunity to recycle with a description of the location of the containers or depots on the premises and information about how to recycle. New tenants shall be notified of the opportunity to recycle at the time of entering into a rental agreement.
(2) As used in this section, "recyclable material" and "source separate" have the meaning given those terms in ORS 459.005.

ORS 90.318

Amended by 2021 Ch. 681,§ 57, eff. 1/1/2022.
1991 c.385 §16