ORS § 90.429

Current through 2022 Regular Session
Section 90.429 - Termination of tenancy for certain rented spaces not covered by ORS 90.505 to 90.850
(1) If a tenancy consists of rented space for a manufactured dwelling or floating home that is owned by the tenant, but the tenancy is not subject to ORS 90.505 to 90.850because the space is not in a facility, the landlord may terminate a month-to-month tenancy without a cause specified in ORS 90.392, 90.394 or 90.396 only by delivering a written notice of termination to the tenant not less than 180 days before the termination date designated in that notice.
(a) A notice given to terminate a tenancy under subsection (1) of this section need not state a reason for the termination.
(b) Notwithstanding paragraph (a) of this subsection, a landlord may include in a notice of termination given under subsection (1) of this section an explanation of the reason for the termination without having to prove the reason. An explanation does not give the tenant a right to cure the reason if the notice states that:
(A) The notice is given without stated cause;
(B) The tenant does not have a right to cure the reason for the termination; and
(C) The landlord need not prove the reason for the termination in a court action.

ORS 90.429

Formerly 90.905; 1999 c.676 §18; 2005 c. 391, § 22; 2009 c. 431, § 2