Okla. Stat. tit. 41 § 133

Current through Laws 2023EX1, c. 52.
Section 133 - Lien on tenant's property

A landlord shall have a lien upon that part of the property belonging to the tenant which has a reasonable relationship as nearly as practicable to the amount of the debt owed, which may be in a rental unit used by him at the time notice is given, for the proper charges owed by the tenant, and for the cost of enforcing the lien, with the right to possession of the property until the debt obligation is paid to the landlord. Provided, however, that such lien shall be secondary to the claim of any prior bona fide holder of a chattel mortgage or to the rights of a conditional seller of such property, other than the tenant.

For purposes of this section, property shall mean any baggage or other property belonging to the tenant which may be in the rental unit used by the tenant but which shall not include all tools, musical instruments or books used by the tenant in any trade or profession, all family portraits and pictures, all wearing apparel, any type of prosthetic or orthopedic appliance, hearing aid, glasses, false teeth, glass eyes, bedding, contraceptive devices, soap, tissues, washing machines, vaporizers, refrigerators, food, cooking and eating utensils, all other appliances personally used by the tenant for the protection of his health, or any baby bed or any other items used for the personal care of babies.

Okla. Stat. tit. 41, § 133

Added by Laws 1978, HB 1279, c. 257, § 33, eff. 10/1/1978.