Okla. Stat. tit. 41 § 131

Current through Laws 2023EX1, c. 52.
Section 131 - Delinquent rent
A. If rent is unpaid when due, the landlord may bring an action for recovery of the rent at any time thereafter or the landlord may wait until the expiration of the period allowed for curing a default by the tenant, as prescribed in subsection B of this section, before bringing such action.
B. A landlord may terminate a rental agreement for failure to pay rent when due, if the tenant fails to pay the rent within five (5) days after written notice of landlord's demand for payment. The notice may be given before or after the landlord files any action authorized by subsection A of this section. Demand for past due rent is deemed a demand for possession of the premises and no further notice to quit possession need be given by the landlord to the tenant for any purpose.

Okla. Stat. tit. 41, § 131

Added by Laws 1978, HB 1279, c. 257, § 31, eff. 10/1/1978; Amended by Laws 1995, HB 1871, c. 149, § 6, eff. 11/1/1995.