Okla. Stat. tit. 11 § 41-114

Current through Laws 2023EX1, c. 52.
Section 41-114 - Action to correct plat errors - Service of summons and notice

Service of summons in the action shall be had upon the defendants in the manner provided by law in civil actions. Where the record owners are numerous, however, the action may be maintained in the name of one or more lot owners for the benefit of all the owners of property within the area of that portion of the plat affected by the proposed correction. In addition to service of process to those record owners in whose name the action is maintained, the petitioner shall also give notice by mail to the following, without naming them as parties defendant:

1. All owners of record, as shown by the current year's tax rolls in the office of the county treasurer, of lots within the block or area sought to be corrected; and
2. The municipality within which the plat is located. The notice shall set out the error sought to be corrected and the manner which is proposed for correcting the error as prayed for in the petition.

Okla. Stat. tit. 11, § 41-114

Laws 1977, HB 1100, c. 256, § 41-114, eff. 7/1/1978.