N.D. Cent. Code § 16.1-15-01

Current through 2019 Legislative Session
Section 16.1-15-01 - Ballots void and not counted - Part of ballot may be counted
1. In the canvass of the votes at any election, a ballot is void and may not be counted if:
a. It is not endorsed with the initials as provided in this title; or
b. It is impossible to determine the elector's choice from the ballot or parts of a ballot, and in the case of electronic voting systems, based upon the criteria established by the secretary of state for counting votes on each electronic voting system authorized for procurement and use in the state according to section 16.1-06-26.
2. With the exception that a voter must, for paper ballots, darken the oval next to the preprinted name of a candidate or the name of a write-in candidate written on the ballot, if a ballot is marked so only a part of the voter's intention can be determined, the election judges shall count such part. If an elector votes for more than the number of persons to be elected to any office, the elector's ballot may be invalidated only insofar as the elector's vote for such office is concerned, and the balance of the elector's ballot, if otherwise proper, may not be invalidated. However, at primary elections only, a party ballot is void if the elector votes for candidates of more than one party.

N.D.C.C. § 16.1-15-01