N.M. Stat. § 63-9A-14

Current through 2022, ch. 57, and 2022 SP3, ch. 3
Section 63-9A-14 - Appeal of orders of the commission

Any provider of telecommunications services and any other person in interest being aggrieved by a final order or determination of the commission under the New Mexico Telecommunications Act may file a notice of appeal in the supreme court asking for a review of the commission's final orders. A notice of appeal shall be filed within thirty days after the entry of the commission's final order. Every notice of appeal shall name the commission as appellee and shall identify the order from which the appeal is taken. Any person whose rights may be directly affected by the appeal may appear and become a party, or the supreme court may upon proper notice order any person to be joined as a party.

NMS § 63-9A-14

Laws 1985, ch. 242, § 14; 1998, ch. 108, § 62.