N.M. Stat. § 41-5-29

Current through 2023, ch. 25
Section 41-5-29 - Fund reports

On January 31 of each year, the superintendent shall, upon request, provide a written report to all interested persons of the following information:

A. the beginning and ending calendar year balances in the fund;
B. an itemized accounting of the total amount of contributions to the fund;
C. all information regarding closed claims files, including an itemized accounting of all payments paid out; and
D. any other information regarding the fund that the superintendent or the legislature considers to be important.

NMS § 41-5-29

1978 Comp., § 41-5-29, enacted by Laws 1992, ch. 33, § 10; 2021, ch. 16, § 16.
Amended by 2021, c. 16,s. 2, eff. 6/18/2021.