N.M. Stat. § 29-19-5

Current through 2024, ch. 69
Section 29-19-5 - Application form; screening of applicants; fee; limitations on liability
A. Effective July 1, 2003, applications for concealed handgun licenses shall be made readily available at locations designated by the department. Applications for concealed handgun licenses shall be completed, under penalty of perjury, on a form designed and provided by the department and shall include:
(1) the applicant's name, current address, date of birth, place of birth, social security number, height, weight, gender, hair color, eye color and driver's license number or other state-issued identification number;
(2) a statement that the applicant is aware of, understands and is in compliance with the requirements for licensure set forth in the Concealed Handgun Carry Act;
(3) a statement that the applicant has been furnished a copy of the Concealed Handgun Carry Act and is knowledgeable of its provisions; and
(4) a conspicuous warning that the application form is executed under penalty of perjury and that a materially false answer or the submission of a materially false document to the department may result in denial or revocation of a concealed handgun license and may subject the applicant to criminal prosecution for perjury as provided in Section 30-25-1 NMSA 1978.
B. The applicant shall submit to the department:
(1) a completed application form;
(2) a nonrefundable application fee in an amount not to exceed one hundred dollars ($100);
(3) two full sets of fingerprints;
(4) a certified copy of a certificate of completion for a firearms training course approved by the department;
(5) two color photographs of the applicant;
(6) a certified copy of a birth certificate or proof of United States citizenship, if the applicant was not born in the United States; and
(7) proof of residency in New Mexico.
C. A law enforcement agency may fingerprint an applicant and may charge a reasonable fee.
D. Upon receipt of the items listed in Subsection B of this section, the department shall make a reasonable effort to determine if an applicant is qualified to receive a concealed handgun license. The department shall conduct an appropriate check of available records and shall forward the applicant's fingerprints to the federal bureau of investigation for a national criminal background check. The department shall comply with the license-issuing requirements set forth in Section 29-19-7 NMSA 1978. However, the department shall suspend or revoke a license if the department receives information that would disqualify an applicant from receiving a concealed handgun license after the thirty-day time period has elapsed.
E. A state or local government agency shall comply with a request from the department pursuant to the Concealed Handgun Carry Act within thirty days of the request.

NMS § 29-19-5

Laws 2003, ch. 255, § 5; 2005, ch. 242, § 4.