N.M. Stat. § 24-14A-2

Current through 2020, c. 84
Section 24-14A-2 - Definitions

As used in the Health Information System Act:

A. "aggregate data" means data that are obtained by combining like data elements in a manner that precludes specific identification of a single client or provider;
B. "data source" or "data provider" means a person that possesses health information, including any public or private sector licensed health care practitioner, primary care clinic, ambulatory surgery center, ambulatory urgent care center, ambulatory dialysis unit, home health agency, long-term care facility, hospital, pharmacy, third-party payer and any public entity that has health information;
C. "department" means the department of health;
D. "health information" or "health data" means any data relating to health care; health status, including environmental, social and economic factors; the health system; or health costs and financing;
E. "hospital" means any general or special hospital licensed by the department, whether publicly or privately owned;
F. "long-term care facility" means any skilled nursing facility or nursing facility licensed by the department, whether publicly or privately owned;
G. "record-level data" means a medical record that contains unique and nonaggregated data elements that relate to a single identifiable individual, provider or hospital; and
H. "third-party payer" means any public or private payer of health care services and includes health maintenance organizations and health insurers.

NMS § 24-14A-2

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Amended by 2012, c. 15,s. 1, eff. 5/16/2012.