N.J. Stat. § 56:9-14

Current through L. 2023, c. 171.
Section 56:9-14 - Limitation period

Any action brought to enforce the provisions of this act shall be barred unless commenced within 4 years after the cause of action arose, or if the cause of action is based upon a conspiracy in violation of this act, within 4 years after the plaintiff discovered, or by the exercise of reasonable diligence should have discovered the facts relied upon for proof of the conspiracy. No cause of action barred on the effective date of this act shall be revived by this act. For the purpose of this section, a cause of action for a continuing violation is deemed to arise at any time during the period of such violation.

N.J.S. § 56:9-14

L.1970, c.73, s.14, eff. 5/21/1970.