N.J. Stat. § 38A:3-6.1

Current through L. 2019, c. 518.
Section 38A:3-6.1 - Aid to localities in circumstances which threaten or endanger public health, safety or welfare

In addition to any other powers, the Adjutant General under the direction of the Governor shall have the authority to order to active duty, with or without pay, in State service, such members of the New Jersey National Guard, that in his judgment are necessary to provide aid to localities in circumstances which threaten or are a danger to the public health, safety or welfare. He may authorize the employment of any supporting vehicles, equipment, communications or supplies as may be necessary to support the members so ordered. No member shall be ordered to active duty without pay unless the member has consented to such service. Members serving without pay shall have all of the obligations, rights, benefits, privileges, protections and immunities as if ordered to active duty with pay.

N.J.S. § 38A:3-6.1

L.1979, c.240, s.1, eff. Dec. 12, 1979; amended by L.1984, c.181, s.10, eff. Nov. 14, 1984.